And onto Project Two…

17 May

As I’m finally finished my client’s website (project 3) it was now time to move on to project two which is a website with a photo gallery. My tutor Martine kindly provided me with Photoshop templates, four in total for each page of the website. I changed the colours of the Photoshop document and changed the logo and header around a bit so it wouldn’t be a mere clone of my tutor’s template. I also created a gradient for the Navigation bar which I thought turned out really well. Next I drew a wireframe sketch of the home page showing all the different divs and all the other components. This was kind of doing it backwards as normally one would do the wireframe, then do the Photoshop template. Once Martine was happy with it, I moved to writing out the code on paper which Martine once again checked. Now it was on to the actual coding which didn’t take long as it was all in front of me.

The Devil & his Mrs

The aborted picture with the blacked out faces

Once I ironed out any problems with the coding I moved onto the about page. The point of the exercise was the design of the brief rather than the content but as the page was to be about me I didn’t want to just use lorum ipsum text as filler. I wrote a little about myself in more detail than I have ever done for an online piece before. I also put in a photo of my wife and me though I originally blacked out our faces but that made it look hideous. Once I had the wireframe done and written out the code it was time to input the code in Notepad++. The page didn’t look right at all and for the longest time I tweaked it until it was in the right shape. I ended up being very pleased with the final article.
About page

The finished About page

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